Kiki Lamuniere was born in Worcester, Massachusetts.  She was raised on Cape Cod and graduated from Dennis-Yarmouth High School.  After a little wandering she ended up back in New England where she obtained a Bachelor of Fine Art in Sculpture from Rhode Island College in 2010. She was also recognized there by the International Precious Metals Institute (New England Chapter) for her work as a jeweler as well as winning multiple awards at the Rhode Island Open for her sculptural work.  She is the owner and day to day operator of Sculptlerybones as well as the designer of the jewelry collection and the muscle that makes all that metal move.
Marc Lamuniere lived his first few years in Sudan with parents who worked for the United Nations after which he was raised in Connecticut until his teenage years where he attended La Châtaigneraie International High School in Geneva, Switzerland (childhood home of his father), where his love of art and drive to be a creator was nourished.  He then came back to the United States and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from Rhode Island School of Design in 1999. He makes oil paintings as well as some mixed media work and works together with Kiki to set up and vend at many Art Festivals throughout the northeast region of the U.S.
Kiki and Marc met in Rhode Island and were married in 2010 after which they moved to Philadelphia and Sculptlerybones was established in 2015.  They currently live and work in Bucks County, PA.
Their work is based out of an admiration for the natural world and an interest in finding and capturing a little bit of the magic found in forms in nature that we so often overlook.  Such objects are highlighted by using them as a subject or juxtaposing fine materials against those fleeting yet omnipresent forms, challenging the idea of what beauty is and where it is found in the modern world.  THEIR aim is to reconnect THEMselves as well as the wearer or viewer with the natural world through the use of organic forms as objects of art.
They utilize fine metalsmithing techniques to create jewelry using sterling silver, brass, bronze and an array of natural materials such as bone, antler, dried pods and found natural objects. Paintings are all original oils on wood panel or canvas.